Monday, May 30, 2005

Finding Financial Information

All listed companies in Bursa Malaysia (formerly known as Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange or KLSE) are required to announce their results quarterly. You can find these quarterly reports at the company announcements section of Bursa Malaysia's web site. Click on the "Announcements" at the left panel, choose either current for recent announcements or historical for old announcements. Remember to sort the list by company.

At the very same page you may find annual reports or audited financial statements. Look at the left panel to search for the words "Annual Audited Accts" or "Annual Reports".

For company database, e.g. profile, directors, shareholders, financial data since 1997, etc., you may sign in to KLSE-RIIAM Information System. There is a wealth of free information on all the counters listed in Bursa Malaysia.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Online Stock Brokers in Malaysia

Are you looking for online stock brokers in Malaysia?

This is the list of brokers with online trading system.

I prefer HLeBroking and RHBInvest for their simple and straight forward layout designs. Their backgrounds? All securities firms in Malaysia (34 of them, currently) are licensed by Securities Commission established under the Securities Commission Act 1993. You can be quite sure that they are being monitored tightly by the regulators. This the full list of online stockbrokers in our financial directory.

Here is the complete list of licensed stockbrokers (participating organisations) in Malaysia.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Has the market reaches its bottom?

Has the market reaches its bottom?

Far from it, we believe. Historical trend shows that it usually took over a year or more for the market to fall from its peak to its bottom.

And this is the best time to find a good stock for dollar-cost averaging.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Market sell down

In the past three weeks there was a sell down of shares in Bursa Malaysia. Four stocks, in total, lost about RM2.0 billion of their market capitalization. There was a very interesting article on how the saga unfolded in The Edge, Malaysia. It listed down 10 companies with steep falls in their share prices since last October 2004.

On the recent melt down, it seems it was the credit providers, i.e. bankers and stockbrokers, who got hit the most. The market...more appropriately the bankers and the stockbrokers lost RM2.0 billion. Who made the gain?

These are the four companies
1. Foremost Holdings Bhd
2. Golden Plus Holdings Bhd
3. Seal Inc Bhd
4. Fountain View Developmnent Bhd (lost RM1.7 billion of its share value: RM4.80 on 27 April 2005 and 57 sen on 5 May 2005)

These are the rest
5. Fajar Baru Capital Bhd
6. Sanbumi Holdings Bhd
7. Suremax Group Bhd
8. Mahajaya Bhd
9. Lii Hen Industries Bhd
10. Liqua Health Corp Bhd

I believe there will be more counters joining the list above triggered by the credit crunches from the stockbrokers and bankers in coming weeks. Therefore THE question is: which counter's next?

The burning questions are
1. What is the common characteristics of these stocks reflected in their financial and corporate information?
2. What other stocks with such characteristics have not had their prices plunge yet? In short, who's next?