Wednesday, January 04, 2006

More losers in 2005

TheEdge Financial Daily reported on 3 Jan 2005 that more than half of 46 new Masdaq listings in 2005 ended the year below the offer prices. The top losers were ES Ceramics, ConnectCounty and Ygl with fell prices ranged between 58% and 66% of their IPO prices.

The top gainers are mTouche, Green Packet and TMC Life Sciences. Backed by solid business fundamental their year end prices were up 460%, 270% and 136% respectively.

Beside an uninspiring market sentiment during the year, the main reason for such bad performance was probably due to Masdaq loose listing requirements.

As investors, we can either blame Masdaq or we can take charge of our investment decision...simply spend time to do our research before we invest. We should not put our trust in the hand of regulators. Just don't depend on them.

Read more here, at theEdge Financial Daily.