Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Explore investing in Singapore Stocks

There are two main reasons why I am interested in investing in Singapore stocks:
  • For value investing, especially on the dividend growth stocks that I am interested in, there are limited choices in Bursa Malaysia.
  • While we can expect US dollar to drop further in relation to Ringgit Malaysia, we can expect Singapore Dollar to continue to raise against Ringgit Malaysia. This will provide extra investment gain from foreign exchange gain.
The problems are how one can open an online trading account and bank account in Singapore? How one can source for quarterly report and annual financial results of companies listed at Singapore Stock Exchange? This is a journey that I decided to explore, step by step.

If you are interesting in finding out how to open a Stock Trading Account in Singpore, follow this blog. I will update my progress here.

For a start, there is a post in this forum providing useful and complete guide in setting up a Singapore Stock Trading account, or click here.