Friday, October 27, 2017

Finding Financial Statements - Annual Report and Quarterly Report

In order to invest in stocks wisely you must be able to read these two financial reports, i.e. annual report and quarterly report. These financial statements are scorecards on how well the company performed and its financial strength/ positions. 

You can get the reports of companies listed on Bursa here
1. Annual report
2. Quarterly report

This is the full link of the Bursa Malaysia's website provide announcements of all listed companies: Company Announcements

For US stocks, you can usually get their released annual and quarterly reports from the Investor Relations section of their websites. For instance, Facebook Investor Relations, Apple Investor Relations, Microsoft Investor RelationsAlphabet Investor Relations, Amazon Investor Relations etc. It is easy to find them, just search Google with search terms like "facebook investor relations", "amazon investor relations", etc. Explore the IR section and you will be able to find their financial statements.


For quick reference to stocks and financial statistics of companies listed on Bursa Malaysia, I use "KLSE Screener". It is a little mobile phone app providing concise but surprisingly rich financial information of listed companies.

You can get the financial data of US's listed companies at various financial websites. Google Finance had stopped providing financial data. However you still can get such financial data from Nasdaq's website . Enter the symbols of the stocks and look at the left panel for "Income Statement". You will see pages with useful financial data like this.

For statistics, news, and market consensus, Yahoo Finance is the best place to go. For instance, Yahoo Finance page for Facebook, Yahoo Finance page for Microsoft, etc.


Lastly I wrote this post for my friends who made me realised that I first have to tell people where to find financial information before informing them how to use the financial information.